Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Conscious of the importance to nurture a sustainable and environment-friendly society, Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (M) Sdn. Bhd. is committed to comply with Self Regulatory Environmental Policy Malaysia, ISO14001:2015, compliance requirements from its customers and others applicable requirements within its industries and business, such as:-

  1. To fulfill compliance obligations determined from interested parties that relate to aspects, impacts and risk in environmental compliance transparency
  2. Its products, services and processes contribute towards environmental preservation
  3. To promote continuous improvement activities supporting the environment

Objective and Action Guidelines:

  1. Activities on environmental protection shall be of high priority with concentrated managerial focus and shall be promoted by management, employees and persons who work for, or on behalf of the company

  2. To communicate the policy statement to all persons (contractors, suppliers and others) who work for, or on behalf of the company, with regards to the related environmental rules, directives and procedures

  3. Continuously promoting and updating the organization regarding related environmental Legal and Other Requirements in order to facilitate effective and continuous environmental improvement actions. Therefore, we shall keep all employees updated on the environmental policy while providing education on environmental protection to strengthen their awareness

  4. Our main focuses on environmental-supportive activities are the following:-
    a) Prevent environmental pollution
    b) Promote saving, re-use and recycling of resources
    c) Save energy

  5. Efforts shall be made to develop processes and systems, which are kind to the environment and commitment to comply to all the applicable environment rules and regulations

  6. Environmental-supportive objectives and targets shall be determined for effective implementation and the activities shall be reviewed voluntarily for continuous improvement

  7. Environmental audits shall be conducted to review and improved the environmental management system as well as environmental improvement activities

  8. This environmental policy shall be made available to the public upon request.