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  Wire Saw Technology

The growth of the personal computers in the global marketplace and processing speeds has resulted in advances being made to increase the size of the silicon wafers that are the semiconductors' fundamental raw material. To support these efforts, the silicon ingot slicing process is rapidly switching from inner diameter blade-saw (ID saw) to the wire-saw method.

ID saw is a traditional method of slicing silicon ingot slicing that applied to 200mm or less diameter wafer process. As the figure shows, ID saw is made from 4~5 times width of ingot diameter steel sheet, therefore as the the size of the silicon wafers increase to 300mm or larger, this method becomes difficult to apply. Besides, ID saw can only cut ingot slice by slice.

Today, the wire saw method is being used to cut larger wafers as the demand on larger wafer increases. The wire saw technique can also cut an ingot into many wafers at a time with high quality surface finish. It is also capable of producing much thinner wafer. All these translate into higher productivity and cost efficiency.

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