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Wire Saw Production Specifications and Characteristics

The standard specifications for the wire generally used at present are shown below.

Material SWRS77A or SWRS82A
Diameter 140 ~ 180 µm + 1 µm
Out of Round 1 µm
Tensile strength 2,900 ~ 3,200 Mpa
Wire length 300 ~ 500 km
Winding condition Constant pitch, constant tension
The techniques used in production need to:
  • Reduce the foreign particles contained in the steel and the scratches on the surface of the wire, hence reducing wire breakage.
  • Maintain the uniformity of the diameter to within +1 µm over the entire length by the uniform surface treatment needed to achieve a high degree of wire draw-ability.
  • Produce a satisfactory wafer shape after slicing by optimizing the stability of the wire formability with sufficient surface hardness to prevent wire wear.
  • Ensure compatibility with wire saw equipment used for high-precision slicing by maintaining high precision winding over the entire length.

As such, our saw wire must possess the following characteristics:
  • Preventing wire breaks during slicing
  • A high tensile strength wire to cope with high tension slicing
  • Ensuring a satisfactory shape of the sliced wafer after slicing
  • Excellent cutting performance.

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